Grab it, pack it, and have your #o8Pack wherever you go!

 On the go and always in a hurry? We get it, it’s not easy having to remember the little things one might need throughout the day. Easy and light to carry in your bag, clip onto your belt, leave in your car, or keep at work, your #o8Lifestyle packable rain jacket can always be with you to save the day from a random downfall that may come along. We put together a list of a few places we thought of that you should leave your #o8Pack for any surprising rain falls!

1. Keep one for the ride! Whether you’re driving around town or headed out of the city for a getaway, you can count on your #o8Pack to keep you dry, to and from, and during your holiday stay!

2. Leave it in your everyday bag! You’re out and about and it begins to poor. Thankfully you always carry your #o8Pack with you to keep you dry in style, so no need for the indoors!

3. Have one at your work place! It was a sunny walk this morning to work, but a rainy afternoon awaits. Luckily you keep your #o8Pack close by and now you’ll be able to stay dry instead!

 4. In your getaway suitcase! Last minute plans, your suitcase is ready for you to go, and with your #o8Pack inside you have no worries for any surprise rain falls!

 5. In your gym bag! There’s no time to waste and you’re ready to break into a sweat, so don’t let a little rain before or after a good gym sesh get you wet!

Whenever, whatever the weather, we’ve got your pack!


The O8Lifestyle team

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